Powder Brows

lasts longer than microblading, made to mimic the look of powdered makeup. The results are soft and natural, yet more defined than microblading alone. better suited for oily skin types. (molly’s personal favorite style of eyebrows)

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Brows – Microblading

hairstroke effect that adds fullness to eyebrows by creating the illusion of more hair. Those with little to no hair may want to consider a hybrid or powdered brow (below) to cover the entire eyebrow region. this method is extremely natural and will blend with your hair as it leaves small spaces of your skin untouched in between each stroke

Hybrid Brows

Hybrid Brow: Combination of microblading and ombre powdered brows. Perfect for clients with little to no brow hair, or tattoo cover ups.

Most natural looking effect! microblading alone will leave spaces of bare skin in between the micro bladed strokes where there is no real eyebrow hair. Powdered brows will leave a soft finish without any hair strokes. This method combines the best of both worlds for the longest lasting most realistic results.